Fake Certificates Used In State To Obtain Grace Marks Rampant

In the case of IndiaChain, verification will be done via an app, and authentication can be instantaneous once the certificate holder themselves approves of the access. The genuine ones will have insurance certificates, certificates proving their technical expertise and a few references. 🔦 Attestation through Courier: After Successful scrutiny, a message & email will be received by the applicant to submit his/her documents in HEC designated Courier Company Office (TCS Courier Company within Pakistan & Gerry’s FedEx from all over the world). Last year, a company based in Pakistan was shut down after allegedly making millions of pounds sterling selling fake university degrees. The Bachelor degree holders are said to have paid KD 4,000 each and the Masters 7,000. The number of certificate holders from the Philippines is 562, including 6 Doctorates, 24 Masters and 532 Bachelor’s degrees. Original site  https://baoxinviec.com/

How can we prevent this phenomenon and bridge the gaps in existing verification mechanisms for academic degrees? If you’re willing to pay for access to them, you can rest assured you won’t get scammed. Some of such PhD dealers claim that no one can challenge their PhD certificate, as they do foolproof background work. In this article, we have compiled more than fifteen ready to print experience certificate templates that anyone may use for work or for school. But cybercriminals have decided to make it even more challenging by using fake job listings like this to steal personal information. Some these Universities don’t have PhD qualified faculty to guide the candidates. Most of the time, such people (consultants) are in nexus with the traitors in the Universities.

University Grants Commission (UGC) is the only body which monitors Indian Universities. Sometimes, the website of awarding university doesn’t have mention of a PhD program, or the university doesn’t offer PhD program in relevant faculty of an engineer. When it comes for verifications, these doctorates don’t have any relevant and good/high standard research publications to their credit. Such fake doctorates are an unaware process for persuasion of PhD degree, and they don’t possess any publications. You typically cannot earn a master’s without a bachelor’s, or a master’s before a bachelor’s, so an out of sequence degree should be a red flag for a hiring manager.