Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich Vegas Made

John Kane was still on a hell of a series. On July 3, 2009, he walked into the high-limit room in the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas and sat at a video poker device known as the Game King. 1,200 or higher –afterwards, 11 minutes afterwards, ding ding ding! 4,150 jackpot wrapped in a couple of minutes. All the time, Charles Williams, the casino’s director of surveillance, peered down in Kane via a camera. Tall, with a forehead and an aquiline nose, the more 50-year-old Kane had the position of a person better suited to playing a Mozart piano concerto.

Williams could observe that Kane was left-handed none of cheating devices’ array that casinos confiscated from grifters through recent years. He is zapping the  Mega888 Download Vegas831 Game King orn’t jammed a light wand at the machine’s hopper. He was only pressing the buttons. But he won much too much, too quickly, to be relying on chance . 10,400 payout. Williams understood something was wrong: The cards dealt with the display were the same four deuces and four of those clubs that afforded the past jackpot of Kane. The odds against which have been astronomical. Williams called in charge of the Silverton’s slots on the executive, which they analyzed the surveillance tape jointly.

The evidence mounted that Kane had discovered something unthinkable: the sort of matter gamblers dream about, casinos fear, and also Nevada regulators possess an auditing regime to stop. He’d discovered a bug. Williams, and 8,200 chose to not wait. He also contacted the Silverton’s head of safety, a personality together with silver hair and a dark suit, and placed him out the slot place. His orders: Make sure the casino doesn’t be left by John Kane. Virtuoso pianist John Kane found an exploitable program bug . Kane had discovered that the glitch from the Game King three weeks before at the unpretentious Fremont Hotel and Casino at downtown’s Glitter Gulch, on the other end of the town.